About The Artist


Maker Tammy Jo Schoppet shares her “story” themed pieces to uplift, encourage and inspire. Since the beginning of 2011, she has been sharing her studio adventures with over 500+ YouTube videos,  and published the book, “365 Days of Clay Cups, A Cup A Day for A Year.”



Clay became an important part of Tammy Jo’s life when became seriously ill and needed to find a way to relax and heal. Her pottery adventures seriously began in the family barn learning to throw on the pottery wheel through her daily YouTube adventures. This was the beginning of YouTube’s  “Hobby Potter”. Her “happy place” barn soon became a permanent studio, with a 25′ chalkboard wall filled with inspirational quotes and uplifting images. Her goal has always been to keep this space light-hearted, fun and filled with creativity for all who visit.

Tammy Jo’s artwork ranges from wheel thrown tableware to fine art sculptures. She uses color, form, and texture to convey  “storytelling imagery” that share expressions of the Spirit, joy, and inspiration!


“My hope is that you can find something that moves, inspires and blesses you!” ~ Tammy Jo Schoppet


The truest form of joy is to give!  A portion of all sales will be donated to Medical Ambassadors International
Working to heal communities both physically and spiritually.” ( www.medicalambassadors.org )